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Grasslands by Shekhar Khatri
Available Now- Paperback/E-Book

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Seal Grasslands Shekhar Khatri
Literary Titan Gold Book Award Grasslands Shekhar Khatri
Grasslands by Shekhar Khatri

"Grasslands, by Shekhar Khatri, is a stunning odyssey that invites readers into a world filled with intrigue, suspense, and philosophical musings. Grasslands challenges conventions, leading its readers on a labyrinthine expedition, often blurring the lines of reality. It is a book that stimulates introspection, compelling readers to seek answers and form interpretations. In its pages lies a tale that will undoubtedly fuel conversations and theories for years to come. An unequivocal must-read, this novel promises an unparalleled literary adventure. Highly recommended for those in search of groundbreaking narratives." 5/5 -Literary Titan

"Grasslands by Shekhar Khatri exists exuberantly beyond the reach of literary classification. It’s a novel like no other: with roots in magical realism, absurdist fantasy, mythology, the epic, and fairy tales, Khatri’s story defies categorization in stunning and often mind-expanding ways. Grasslands’ protagonist, whose name Khatri never reveals, is a curious, captivating, utterly stereotype-shattering cross-pollination of Siddhartha and Everyman who embarks on a strange and mystical journey that begins at a friend’s birthday party and ends in the spiritual realm at the edge of eternity. Along the way, mythical and illusory characters enter the scene to play their parts, weaving a surreal tapestry spanning this world and the next (and several worlds in between). Grasslands is truly a splendid departure from the ordinary for those looking to expand their vision and who are willing to surrender themselves to a series of worlds where anything is possible, nothing is as expected, and virtually everything defies normalcy. Grasslands is Shekhar Khatri’s debut novel, and the literary world would do well to pay attention. From all indications, the well of Khatri’s creativity is very, very deep, and readers hungry for innovation have much to look forward to in his future work. Those willing to cast aside any presupposed notions of how a narrative has traditionally been constructed and embrace the tesseract of Khatri’s groundbreaking multi-layered, interwoven alternate realities will no doubt be richly rewarded for having done so. Shekhar Khatri’s Grasslands is a rare glimpse of uncharted literary territory, ideal for those seeking a bit of literary magic and mysticism with a surreal twist." 5/5 -Rich Follett at Readers' Favorite

"Grasslands by Shekhar Khatri offers a mix of fantasy, magical realism, surrealism, and absurdist fiction that explores timeless philosophical questions and the most primeval of human desires."

"...(it) all adds up to create a story that works as a reflecting surface. There will be as many Grasslands as it has readers." -Fermosalua at The Chrysalis BREW Project

Published by Shekhar Khatri

Editing & Typesetting by Shekhar Khatri

Cover Design by Shekhar Khatri

(Original painting- unison, acrylic on canvas, 2022

by Shekhar Khatri)

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