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Five Great Paintings

My favorite paintings by some of the greatest artists of all time.

water lilies.jpg
Shekhar Khatri favorites water lilies

The Water Lilies (1920-26)

By Claude Monet

Remember when Kobe dropped 60 in his final game?

This is the art equivalent of that.

Still Life With Apples (1895-98)

By Paul Cezanne

My favorite still life of all time.

One of Cezanne's many classics. His landscapes and portraits are just as legendary.

Shekhar Khatri favorites Still Life With Apples Cezanne
water lilies.jpg
Shekhar Khatri favorites Woman with a parasol in a garden

Woman With a Parasol in a Garden (1875)

By Pierre-Auguste Renoir


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Small Worlds I

By Wassily Kandinsky

One of the many Kandinsky paintings I love.

His analysis, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art,” is an essential read.

Shekhar Khatri favorites Kandinsky Small Worlds 1
water lilies.jpg
Shekhar Khatri favorites Fighting Forms Franz Marc

Fighting Forms (1914)

By Franz Marc

A beautiful and complex work from the Expressionism movement. Not only is it eye-catching at a first glance, the more you observe it, the more you begin to appreciate the technique and execution.

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